Every month I offer an exclusive Host Code which earns you free gifts with any order of $50-$149.99 (before shipping & tax).

October's Host Code is E64DK2CT

October's host code gift is a free package of matte black dots.

To get the incentive, you must use the Host Code
when you check out.


So what are Host Codes? When you place an order with Stampin' Up! of at least $150, you receive host rewards starting at $15. If you place a customer order for less, you do not receive any rewards. By using my exclusive Host Code for that month,

I am able to aggregate orders and provide you with host rewards. So, for example, if three people place $50 orders using the same Host Code, the orders receive $15 total (for the three people) in rewards, which I then spend on free gifts to give to you.

There are only three rules with Host Codes.

1. You must enter the code on your order before you place it; 

2. Do not use a Host Code if your order is $150 or more. Why? If you place an order for $150 or more, you qualify for Host Rewards starting at $15. If you use the Host Code, you will forfeit those rewards; and

3. You cannot chose "no contact." If you do, I have no idea who you are or that you are shopping with me.

To place an order with Host Codes, go to my online store, sign in, and make sure I am listed as your demonstrator as my Host Code is exclusive to shopping with me. The screen below is the shopping bag screen:

Make sure I am listed as your demonstrator here.

Screenshot 2020-08-15 12.39.36.png

Add the current months' host code here.

That's it! Now you will receive the Host Code gift from me. I receive them the following month and send them out to you.