Join My Team as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

Maybe you have a long wish list and not enough funds to purchase it all. Maybe you want to be the first to know about specials, new products, and more. Maybe you want to be the first to be able to purchase new products. Maybe you want to have the  inside track to learning new techniques. Maybe you want to meet new people and teach them the joy of stamping. Maybe you want to supplement your income with a side gig. Maybe you want to quit your regular job and teach and sell stamping full-time.

Which is a good reason to join Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator? All of them!


What do I need to do to become a demonstrator?

  * Becoming a demonstrator is easy. Simply fill out the application noting you want to be my downline (my name should appear in the upper right corner). Then choose $125 worth of product for only $99 - anything at all that you want. Plus you do not pay shipping and handling. Already you are ahead of the game! Your demonstratorship will become immediately active and off you go.

What are the requirements to remain a demonstrator?

  *Again it is easy. Simply have sales of at least $300 each quarter (Jan - March, April -June, July - Sept, Oct - Dec) and you remain active with all the benefits of being a demonstrator. All, some or none of that can come from your own sales, and all, some, or none of that can come from sales from neighbors, friends, or new stamping acquaintances.

  *Your first quarter you do not need to make your minimum, and all sales roll into the next quarter. For example, if you join in January, you do not need $300 in sales until the end of July (because you get one extra month grace period to make quota), and all sales from January through July count count. 

What are the benefits of being a demonstrator?

  *Gee, there are so many, it is hard to write them all down here! You get at least 20% discount on everything you buy. You get early purchasing opportunity for products (with your discount and they count towards your quarterly quotas). You get training from Stampin' Up! and me. You have the opportunity to earn trips, extra money, and more.  You can run your own business how you want to, meet new friends, and have a great time.

What happens if you do not make your quarterly sales?

  *You get one extra month beyond the quarter to make the requirement. If you don't, you go "inactive" and no longer are a demonstrator. That's it. If you go inactive, you lose your demonstrator benefits, but nothing else changes. You can even sign up again when you have another big order - I did that! See My Story.

 More questions? Contact me! I'm happy to share my love of demonstrating with you.

My Story

I have a funny but not atypical Stampin' Up! story. I first started stamping in 1998 when I was pregnant with my third child. I fell immediately in love with stamping . I spent several years purchasing products from Stampin' Up! and making cards and paper crafts. 

     In 2001, I decided to get in on the fun and join. I actively ran my business for six years, until 2007 - and I even won an award for being 37th in the country in recruiting my first year! In 2007 (after six fun years), with three active kids who were becoming teenagers and a thriving legal practice, I let my demonstratorship become inactive.

     In 2020, during the pandemic, like everyone else I started organizing my home. I pulled out my supplies and made a few cards. They were so well loved, I decided to replenish my supplies. Pretty quickly my wish list became very long, and I decided to sign up again as a demonstrator, just to get the discount.

Did you know that 80% of all demonstrators are doing it just for a discount on their supplies?

     Pretty soon I was so enthralled again that I decided to make it a business part 2. That's my Stampin' Up! story! What's yours?