• Donna Biderman

Double Duty Dies - Use Both Positives and Negatives of the Same Die

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

When you place your dies, do you think about the negatives? Many of our dies work with both what is cut out and the piece that is let behind.

Take for example the Rectangle Stitched dies. When you use them, you end up with a rectangle with stitching and with a piece of paper with a rectangle cut out and stitching around the edge. I think about where to place the die so that I can end up with a second usable die cut. Take for example this dragonfly card:

I cut a large rectangle out of a half sheet of paper to be the layer that the flowers are on. When I did, I placed the die so that I would have a second sheet with a large hole that I could use as a window, and I ended up with this ornate thanks card:

You can see where the piece from the first card came out.

Double duty dies - two cards from one half-sheet of cardstock and one die cut. Can't beat that!

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