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Make Gift Bags from Designer Series Paper!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Well, it's October 2020, so that means two things - designer series paper is on sale, and it's almost the holidays. These things go together so well - time to make gift bags out of DSP!

These bags are much easier than they look - they take less than five minutes each - and they are so economical! It costs $1.75-1.95 to make a large bag (about 7"x7"x3") and it costs about $0.65 to make a small bag. Just try to buy gift bags for that cost. Check out my YouTube tutorial here.

These gift bags do not require much skill, many materials, or any stamping. Try it - you will be addicted. And stock up on designer series paper this month while it is on sale. Check out my SPECIALS page to see which papers are on sale. Don't wait though - get them while they are 15% off. I used Heartwarming Hugs (item code 153492) from the August-December 2020 mini catalog for the large bags (on sale!) and Feels Like Frost (item code 150444) from the August-December 2020 mini catalog for the small bags (not on sale, but hey - the two sheets you need cost only about $0.62 so who cares, haha).

Please watch my video on how to make these bags on YouTube here. It's so much easier if you see how to do it than simply read the directions

Ingredients: two sheets of the same designer series paper; Simply Scored; Stampin' Seal, Stampin' Seal+, or tear and tape; paper snips (scissors); bone folder; small hole punch; ribbon.

Directions: okay, I am going to write the directions and sizes here, but it is much easier to understand if you watch the video, so again - go watch my YouTube video. :)

12x12" DSP to make 7x7x3" bag: score two sheets of the same DSP the same way - score 3" in on both sides and the bottom and 2" down from the top. Fold along the score lines (fold the top down so that the inside is folded over the outside and fold both sides and the bottom so that the outside is showing all along) and burnish all sides with your bone folder to make the folds crisp. Use adhesive to adhere the folded-over top to the outside of the DSP. This creates a contrasting and stronger top. With one sheet (sheet 1), cut the two bottom corners along the score lines (so you cut out a 3x3" square from each side - save the DSP you cut off for another project). With the other sheet (sheet 2), cut along the bottom/side score mark on the side horizontally until you reach the vertical score mark and stop - do not cut up from the bottom and do not cut off the corners. Put adhesive on the outside of the flaps on sheet 2, and fold the bottom up and the sides in, adhering the sides of the flaps to the inside of the sides with adhesive. You now have something that looks like a bag that has been sliced vertically and left open. For sheet 1, put adhesive along the outside of both sides (the entire thing) and the bottom. Fold them in and adhere to the inside of sheet 1. Make sure all sides are square and the adhesive is set. You now have a bag. Punch two small holes along the top of each long side. Thread the ribbon through both sides and tie a knot on the inside of each hole to make handles.

6x6 DSP to make 4x4x1" bag: the directions are the same, except score at 1" on all four sides. I like to put one handle on this bag, threading the ribbon from one of the narrow sides to the other.

You can make this bag in any size you want - you just have to do some math :) - by changing the size of the sheet you start with and the place you score it at. You will be able to make any size bag simply by changing it up.

That's it! If you try it please tag me so that I see your project. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. And one more time - make sure you check out my YouTube video located here.

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